COLOSSIANS | Week 14 | 4:7-18 | Leaving a Legacy

As we conclude our fourteen-week journey through the book of Colossians, we come to the end of chapter 4 and see how Paul references and commends a group of people who have left a lasting legacy to the glory of Jesus Christ. In honor of Mother’s Day, we are spending time looking at what it looks like to leave a legacy as a mother. What is a legacy? “Living a life worth leaving in others.”

Turn to Colossians 4:7-18 and join us this Mother’s Day as we see how the legacy we as believing mothers and children of God should leave is one that is all about Jesus!

Date: May 9, 2021
Series: Colossians

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THE REST OF THE SERMON | Colossians | Week 14

Join us for our very last Rest of the Sermon journey through the book of Colossians! It’s been 14 weeks of the gospel Proclaimed, Protected, and Practiced and we are excited to hear all about how this book of the Bible has impacted your life! This week, we conclude our series by talking in depth about what it looks like to leave a legacy as a Christian. Join us in Colossians 4:7-18! 

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It’s all about Jesus!

Pastor’s Comment

Thank you so much for listening in here at West Side. We often say that we love the word of God because it points us to the son of God. We hope these messages encourage you and equip you to love Jesus more. We also want you to be apart of a local church, we believe these messages are only supplemental, being apart of a local church is essential. Blessings.

Jason G Jordan

Lead Pastor, West Side Church


Colossians 4:7-18 “Living to Leave a Legacy” 

INTRO> We have done it! This is our final sermon through this book of the bibles. It’s been 14 weeks through 4 chapters, 95 verses, and 1,979 words! How is Paul going to end this letter? He ends it with his “Authors Acknowledgements” a writer Acknowledges who helped them or had an impact on them to wrote the book. Paul does the same thing when it comes to his ministry, All of God’s work takes all of God’s people. 

CONTEXT> I couldn’t help but think how these names and these people are forever recorded in scripture. Long after they have been gone, their lives and impact carry on and this is the big idea I see for us today: 

Big Idea > Christians live to leave a legacy. 

  • A legacy is living a life worth leaving in others. (MLK, Mother Teressa, Jesus!)
  • “An inheritance is something you leave with people. A legacy is something that you leave in people.” – John Maxwell 

APP> What legacy are we leaving behind, how would our lives be forever recorded in scripture? I see 9 legacy’s in these verses, be asking yourself, “What legacy am I leaving?” 

  • A legacy of service. 

“Tychicus will tell you all about my activities. He is a beloved brother and faithful minister and fellow servant in the Lord. I have sent him to you for this very purpose, that you may know how we are and that he may encourage your hearts,”  Col 4:7-8

  • Tychicus name means “fortunate” 
  • He is mentioned 5x in the rest of the NT
  • Look at how Paul describes him “beloved, brother, faithful minister, servant” minister and servant are the same. It’s a double meaning. 
  • He was the guy who served and got stuff done! Paul was in prison, he sent him! 

*ILL- NPR ran a segment years ago entitled “Dying Well” they read and surveyed 2,000 obituaries from the NYT over 20 months. There was one word that jumped out over and over again as to how people remember someone, it was the word: Help

  • All service is significant in the kingdom of God. (He carried the letter)

2) A legacy of change. 

“9 and with him Onesimus, our faithful and beloved brother, who is one of you. They will tell you of everything that has taken place here.” Col 4:9 

    • Onesimus name means “useful” Why is this important to know? 
    • Onesimus was Philemon’s run away slave in the book of Philemon but was reconciled, that’s maybe why Paul says, “he is one of you”. 
  • Some of us in the room are first generation Christians, something starts with you and some things end with you. 

3) A legacy of encouragement. 

10 Aristarchus my fellow prisoner greets you, and Mark the cousin of Barnabas (concerning whom you have received instructions—if he comes to you, welcome him), 11 and Jesus who is called Justus. These are the only men of the circumcision among my fellow workers for the kingdom of God, and they have been a comfort to me.” Col 4:10-11

    • Aristarchus is mentioned 5x in the NT. He was almost killed in a riot in Acts. This guy was so loyal!
    • Mark– this is the author of the gospel, Peter’s assistant. he bailed on Paul in acts but came back, reconciliation! 
    • Jesus who is Justus– A Jewish man
  • “comfort to me” on time the word is used in the NT, paregoric a soothing drug. 
  • One of the most powerful ministries is the ministry of presence. 

4) A legacy of faithfulness. 

“12 Epaphras, who is one of you, a servant of Christ Jesus, greets you, always struggling on your behalf in his prayers, that you may stand mature and fully assured in all the will of God. 13 For I bear him witness that he has worked hard for you and for those in Laodicea and in Hierapolis.” Col 4:12-13 

  • Epaphras is our guy! I’ve fallen in love with him! His name means “lovely”
  • He is the original church planter who was faithful on behalf of his people. 
  • Prayer- “struggling” is a strong word in the greek, agonize! and he is praying for their maturity! 

*ILL> A story is told of 4 college students who went to London in the late 1800’s to visit Spurgeon’s church before the evening service on a Sunday. Spurgeon met them at the door, gave them a tour and one boy asked what the secret of the place was, Spurgeon said, “The boiler room” A room under his pulpit, opened the door and the room was filled with people praying. They prayed before, during, and after the service. 


5) A legacy of friendship. 

“14 Luke the beloved physician greets you…” Col 4:14

    • This is Luke the doctor (probably Paul’s personal doctor) and the author of The Gospel of his name and Acts! 
    • We see in 2 Timothy 4 that Luke is the ONLY person that stays with Paul to the very end of his life. 
  • Loneliness is a choice!

6) A legacy of warning. 

“14 Luke the beloved physician greets you, as does Demas.” Col 4:14

  • Demas is mentioned 3x in the NT and unfortunately, it doesn’t end well. 
  • “9 Do your best to come to me soon. 10 For Demas, in love with this present world, has deserted me and gone to Thessalonica.” 2 Timothy 4:9-10 
  • Demas warning to us is that it’s not about how you start it’s about how you finish!

7) A legacy of hospitality. 

15 Give my greetings to the brothers[c] at Laodicea, and to Nympha and the church in her house.” Col 4:15 

    • Here we have our lady listed among the men! This is the only placed she is mentioned. 
    • I appears that she hosted the house church is Laodecia. 
  • 1 Peter 4:9 shows us that hospitality is a spiritual gift. 
  • When you open up your home for small group or make a meal, you are serving Jesus, you are using your gift! 

8) The legacy of perseverance. 

17 And say to Archippus, “See that you fulfill the ministry that you have received in the Lord.” Col 4:17

    • In Philemon 2 he is described as a “fellow soldier” 
    • We don’t know what was going on, he had a ministry, maybe felt like giving up. 
  • Don’t stop! Keep on going!

9) A legacy of grace. 

18 I, Paul, write this greeting with my own hand. Remember my chains. Grace be with you.” Col 4:18 

    • Timothy might be Pauls secretary Col 1:1 
    • He is locked up, Autographs the letter
    • Pauls last word to us, Grace
  • Notice start of letter, “Grace to You….” “Grace be with you” 4:18 
  • So…. what legacy are you leaving behind? 

Big Idea > Christians live to leave a legacy.