The Upper Room – Week 1 – John 13: 1-20

As we dive into the text of John 13 we find that Humble Service is the mark of EVERY Disciple. In this episode, we find that through scripture we are never too busy to serve and although it is hard, Jesus even served Judas! We as Christians also cannot humbly serve until we have been humbled BY service and that our salvation is our motivation to serve. Lastly, Jesus tells us that there is blessing in serving and carrying out God’s word!

Date: September 18, 2022
Series: The Upper Room

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Pastor’s Comment

Thank you so much for listening in here at West Side. We often say that we love the word of God because it points us to the son of God. We hope these messages encourage you and equip you to love Jesus more. We also want you to be apart of a local church, we believe these messages are only supplemental, being apart of a local church is essential. Blessings.
Jason G Jordan

Lead Pastor, West Side Church


Upper Room- “Humble in Service” John 13:1-20

REVIEW> We started our new vision series last week! You need to go back and listen to the sermon! 

INTRO> I, like many of you have been watching history unfold with the passing away of Queen Elizabeth II. So many stories and so much history is taking place before our eyes. She reigned for 70 years, the longest ruling monarch in history! One story that stuck out to me was the Queens letter that she wrote on her platinum jubilee. This was her celebrating her 70 years as queen, she wrote a letter to the people of England and she ended her letter with these words… “I hope to continue to serve you with all my heart…” then this is what caught my eye, she signed the letter.. “Your servant Elizabeth…” 

APP> I think the thing that sticks out the most about Queen Elizabeths reign, the thing that keeps popping up every where.. was her humility and service. She was not an example of power, rather she was a powerful example of humility and service. The tension of ROYALTY and HUMILITY.

CONTEXT> That is a poor example of our passage today. I say poor because in our passage today, we see the greatest royalty the world has ever known, Jesus Christ, God in the flesh… humble himself and wash feet. “The passage we have now read begins one of the most interesting portions of John’s Gospel. For five consecutive chapters we find the Evangelist recording matters which are not mentioned by Matthew, Mark, and Luke. We can never be thankful enough that the Holy Ghost has caused them to be written for our learning! In every age the contents of these chapters have been justly regarded as one of the most precious parts of the Bible. They have been the meat and drink, the strength and comfort of all true-hearted Christians. Let us ever approach them with peculiar reverence. The place whereon we stand is holy ground.” – JC Ryle, John’s Gospel

      • “Then they began to argue among themselves about who would be the greatest among them.” Luke 22:24 
      • “Who is more important, the one who sits at the table or the one who serves? The one who sits at the table, of course. But not here! For I am among you as one who serves.” Luke 24:27

Big Idea > Humble service is the mark of every disciple. 

  1. I am never too busy for humble service.
        • “Now before the Feast of the Passover….” v1 We have to stop already. This is THE event in Jewish culture, this is 4th of july in Texas.

Jesus’ Google Calendar on the last week of his life: 

      • SUNDAY– Walks 2 miles to Jerusalem from Bethany of. Meets massive crowds at his triumphal entry. 
      • MONDAY– Leaves Bethany, Curses the fig tree on the way into the city, Weeps over Jerusalem, Cleanses the temple for the second time in His ministry, Late in day, looks into the Temple, then leaves the city Spends the night in Bethany.
      • TUESDAY– Leaves Bethany Finds the fig tree withered; teaches on faith Possesses the temple and its precincts; confounds and pronounces woes upon His enemies Leaves city; Olivet Discourse on way back to Bethany Judas bargains with Sanhedrin to betray Jesus
      • WEDNESDAY– Jesus prepares for Last Supper and as Judas and Sanhedrin prepare for Jesus’ arrest Remains in Bethany throughout the day, stays night there.
      • THURSDAY– Peter and John sent to make preparation for Passover meal After sunset, eats meal with the twelve; washes disciples; Judas departs Lord’s Supper instituted To Garden of Gethsemane; Jesus’ agony Betrayal by Judas; arrest by Sanhedrin To house of High Priest as Sanhedrin is convened; Peter betrays Jesus

APP> Serving isn’t a part of being a Christian, serving is the heart of being a christian. 

2) Humble service is hard. v2-3  

        • “during supper, when the devil had already put into the heart of Judas Iscariot… to betray him…” v2-3 

APP> The way that they are sitting at this dinner is really interesting.. and we know, mostly from scholars.. who is sitting where.. John is on the right side of Jesus.. Peter is at the end.. and Judas.. right next to him… 

APP> What if the answer to relational conflict is pulling people closer and serving them rather than pushing them away. 

3) I can’t humbly serve until I have been humbled by service. 

        • Jesus said to him, “If i do not wash you, you have no share with me…” v8

APP> You can’t give what you don’t have. 

APP> Your salvation is your motivation to serve. 

4) There is a blessing in humble service. 

        • “If you know these things, blessed are you if you do them…” v17

APP> God always blesses obedience. 

Big Idea > Humble service is the mark of every disciple. 

*CONTEXT> Look at the text v4-5 are the climax of the text. Think about this.. the King of Royalty… in humility… Jesus is showing us that … this is the poster of a disciple… 


“Jesus answered them, “Truly, truly, I say to you, you are seeking me, not because you saw signs, but because you ate your fill of the loaves.” John 6:26 



“If I then, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also ought to wash one another’s feet. 15 For I have given you an example, that you also should do just as I have done to you. 16 Truly, truly, I say to you, a servant[c] is not greater than his master, nor is a messenger greater than the one who sent him.

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