Our Vision:

Our vision is to see people transformed by the gospel, experience life in community, and live their lives out for the glory of God and the good of their neighbors.

Our Mission:

To engage people with the gospel, to encourage on another in the community and to equip disciples for mission.





What is the Gospel? Simply put the gospel is : Jesus in my place. We know that the world isn’t as it should be and everyone agrees that there is a problem.

We as Christians agree that the problem is sin. Simply put the gospel is the good news that God is saving and redeeming humanity through his son Jesus Christ.



We like to say that your salvation is personal but it’s not private. God saves you personally but he saves you to be apart of his family, we call this the church.

 When you read letters like 1-3 John you see that it is impossible to live out the christian life in isolation.


You aren’t just saved from something you are saved for something. There is a mission. We have to be careful here, there isn’t a mission for the church, the mission is the church. Make sense?

Simply put a disciple is someone who Worships Jesus, Walks with Jesus and Works for Jesus. That’s our mission.