New Year New Family Part 1



New Year New Family Part 1: The Foundation Matthew 7:13-29

INTRO> We start a new series today that i am very excited about. If you are married single or anything, this series will be for you. With the tag line “Building a Family God’s Way” where do you start? We start where Robertson Stevenson started in 1807, Robert is the engineer behind what is known as the “7 Wonders of the Industrial World world” The Bell Rock Lighthouse off the coast of Scoatland. It took 4 years to build. He first had an iron frame that would he thought would work out.. then he realized the key wasn’t about going UP, it was about going DOWN. So they built it on the ‘bell rock, this massive rock right not he sore. The workers only had 3 hours a day to carve into the rock when the tide would go back. It is THE oldest standing sea shore light house to date and the missionary was done so well and built so sturdy, a single stone hasn’t had to be replace in 200 years. That’s what i want for you in this series… to lay that kind of foundation.

CONTEXT> We are in Matthew 7:13-29 today. Jesus has just given the most famous sermon of all time The Sermon on the Mount. This week the President of the US gave his State of the Union address and the next president will give in “Inaugural Address”. That is what Jesus is doing here.. Jesus is the King and if there is a king then there is a Kingdom. Jesus is describing what his kingdom is like and how it breaks into peoples lives.

TRANS> These are without a doubt some os Jesus most hard hitting controversial words about being a true follower of him. And this is where we start… if we are going to build our lives God’s way, this is where we begin. Notice what this:

  1. Everyone is building something.
      • Notice the parables. 2 Roads, 2 houses. Jesus is talking everyone. To the Non-Christian secularist who says “all roads lead to God.” Jesus says no, “only two roads”

APP> Think about it.. What does a house represent? Peace, security, achievements, life. That’s what everyone is doing in life. Here is what Jesus is saying…. Everyone is living by faith.

Here is what i mean, If you say you don’t believe in Christianity and your not a person “of faith”. That statement in and of itself is a statement of faith. Do you see? Or if you say, “Christianity can’t have all the facts? No religion can” Your claiming for yourself the very knowledge that you say is unattainable. You first have to understand that everyone is building something. So, What’s your faith in?

2) Only one is digging deep.

  • I want you to zoom in on the parable of the builders, what is the difference in the houses? It’s the foundation, one built on sand, the other upon rock.
  • Question? What is the Rock? “hears these words of mine and does them” The Rock is obedience.

APP> Obedience is the Evidence of Faith. Jesus said in John 13, if you love me you will obey my commandments.

TRANS> We need to be careful here, that statement is true and you need to know that, but it’s not complete. The question you should be asking is, “How do i obey?” Look at the text, Everyone is “hearing these words of mine” These houses look the same, these people are calling him “Lord Lord!”

*ILL- I am forever indebted to Tim Keller who has helped me see the difference in “Religion and Morality” and the true Gospel. When you look at this text, it could just be about morals… but it’s not. (*Show Pic of Religion vs Gospel. )

APP> In Luke’s Gospel he said that the wise man “he is like a man building a house, who dug down deep…”

So….If obedience is the evidence of faith, then : Acceptance is the Foundation for Obedience. That’s the whole truth.. When you know you are loved and accepted.. you can dig down deep, you can obey to the extreme, why? because you are loved.

You should be asking, “Jason, how do i know if I am digging? How can I know if i am building upon the rock?!”

How to Dig:

  1. Know Grace. v24- What is the one thing the wise builder didn’t have to build and that was already there? The foundation! That’s grace, God in Christ Jesus has already accepted you, that changes your life. “
  2. Surrender Your Will. v21 “does the will of my father” Jesus is saying there is only one “will” in the Christian. You have to understand the order, Grace 1st, obedience 2nd. *ILL its like

a kid “obeying his parent” in a bad way that stomps off, he didn’t surrender his will. You can’t have “your” life and your will and Jesus.  that’s why they tried to do in v23, “I never knew you…”

With that in mind here is our big idea today….

Big Idea > How Deep are you Digging?

Look at your life and see:

  • Do i know grace? Do i really know Jesus’s love for me?
  • Where am i not surrendering my will? Why?
  • My marriage will be God’s Way.
  • My home will be God’s Way.

Review: 1) Everyone is building something. 2) Only one is digging deep.

3) None is exempt from the Storm.

  1. Life’s Storms.– suffering, sickness, hardship. Digging deep is hard!
  2. Storm of judgment. “on that day” “floods”

Big Idea > How Deep are you Digging?

“This is the man who builds his house upon the rock. He is a man who desires and prays for holiness and who strives after it, he does his utmost to be holy, because his supreme desire is to know Christ. Not only to be forgiven, not only to go to heaven, but to know Christ now, to have Christ as a brother, to have Christ as his companion to be walking with Christ in the light now, to enjoy foretaste of heaven here in this world. This is the man who builds his house upon the rock. He is a man who loves God for God’s sake and who’s supreme desire and concern is that God’s name and God’s glory may be magnified and spread abroad.” Lloyd Jones, Sermon the Mount pg 314