Why Philemon?

May 21, 2018

“You are nothing better than deceitful hypocrites if you harbor in your minds a single unforgiving thought. There are some sins which may be in the heart, and yet you may be saved. But you cannot be saved unless you are forgiving. If we do not choose to forgive, we choose to be damned.”

  Source: Sermons, 13.718.

Those are the powerful and controversial words of the great baptist preacher, Charles Haddon Spurgeon on a sermon that he preached about forgiveness. He uses very strong words to make a strong point: Unforgiveness and bitterness is serious.

Do you have trouble with forgiveness? Have you ever been wronged? How do you deal with the past hurt that has been done to you?

If you, like many people, have these questions, then our new sermon series, Philemon, is just for you. Philemon is the shortest book in the entire Bible, but it packs powerful truths about the issue of forgiveness, freedom, and friendship.

The very personal letter is written by the Apostle Paul, to his well off friend, Philemon. There is a conflict though; one of Philemon’s slaves, Onesimus (we will be dealing with the topic of ancient slavery) has run away and possibly stolen money from him. What is Philemon to do? Does he give him what he deserves? Does he make him pay?

Join us  through the month of June, as we take another journey through another book of the Bible.

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Pastor Jason