Jan 28, 2019

by Tyler Saxton

What if I told you that you could have a conversation with Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Abraham Lincoln, Napoleon or any other historical figure that has shaped the world we live in and accomplished so much in a short lifetime? What would you ask them? Would you want to know the secret to their successes? Would you want to learn from their failures? Can you imagine the insight, wisdom and knowledge that you would gain? 

Now, what if I told you that you can hear from the wisest person who ever lived? The wealthiest person who ever lived. A person who saw more success, more pleasure, more wisdom and had everything that any human being could ever want in one lifetime! If you were to say, “Yes! How can I do that?” I would respond with two words, “Read Ecclesiastes.” 

The book of Ecclesiastes is a hidden treasure in our Bibles. A portion of scripture that is often misunderstood, overlooked and quite frankly ignored. In this portion of scripture we see the real questions of life such as : 

    • Does any of this matter? 
    • Why am I here? 
    • What’s the point of life? 

We have all been faced with such questions as these. Where do we turn to for answers? Do we look to the ever changing culture? Do we look to wise and successful people only to find out that they too struggled with finding the answers to these questions? 

I invite you as we start a journey through the book of Ecclesiastes at West Side. We will take a look at some of life’s most difficult questions and see the truths that will shape and mold the way we live and… die. 


Pastor Jason